Say Hello to 10 Cards of Hope

Haiti is now the poorest country in the world.  

And for several years now a group of entrepreneurs and key leaders has been traveling to Haiti to help build self-sustaining villages and support orphanages around the country.  

However donating is one thing – we wanted to create something bigger that would continue providing for so many children in need…  

Our cause partner, Hope2Haiti, has a little-know program that will take one orphan and move them into a foster care family. They are able to provide clothing, food & water, education and shelter for Haitian children in dire need.    

It’s Not a Donation but a Difference

Haiti is known for its incredible artwork and creative spirit. Each month some of the country’s top artists come into our orphanages to work with the children. Art is one of the most therapeutic ways to heal trauma, develop self-respect and build confidence. It’s a time everybody absolutely loves and looks forward to.    

And from those sessions each month a new card design is selected and turned into the monthly Cards of Hope pack you’ll receive each month. Everybody wins, including the selected artist because they’ll be awarded an educational scholarship for printing their art.       

That’s how the idea for the 10 Cards of Hope was born.    

This is a pretty nifty concept... and everybody wins (including you).  

How To ‘Trick’ Yourself with a Scientifically Proven Way to Increase Your Happiness and Joy Each and Every Month 

Science has shown the power of gratitude is remarkable.    

Simply acknowledging what you’re grateful for to someone else important will significantly increase your happiness, joy and connection. It’s true.   

In fact, by getting a monthly subscription of your cards practically forces you to practice the lost art of handwritten notes for people that matter in your life. Expressing that gratitude to others is one of the best things you can do for your own happiness too…and now you’ll feel even better because you know you’re saving 1 child’s life in Haiti. 


Making a regular practice of a simple handwritten note goes even further. And that’s the key – making it a regular part of your life.    

In today’s digitally wired society there seems to be a slippery slope of what passes for meaningful communication. Going beyond a Facebook message, text or email and actually create a connection, with intention, is when something much more magical happens. A real handwritten note is one of those little things that makes a big difference for a key client, business connection, colleague or dear friend.   

The Simple Thank You Note that Really Changes Lives   

By signing up for a monthly subscription of the 10 Cards of Hope, it practically forces you (or your family or your team at work) to regularly practice the lost art of handwritten notes to connect on a deeper level with people that matter most in your life.

Who Deserves a Thank You Note From You?

You know there are plenty of occasions and reasons to write more handwritten notes to friends, colleagues or business relationships…and now you’ll be ‘nudged’ to make it happen.    

Think to a time when you got a handwritten note from somebody it just meant so much more, right?   

There’s no doubt you’ll stand out using more handwritten notes– head and shoulders over anybody else.    

Who should get a card? Start with those who really touch your heart. Maybe it’s your kids or partner first. Maybe it’s to your parents or someone else in your family. Or to your most meaningful customers. Or pick a new random connection who you want to get to know deeper. If you’re concerned you can’t personally write 10 thank you notes each month, you can easily divide them up among your family or co-workers too. This is perfect for offices.

Just a simple ‘Thank you’ but done with style would knock their socks off. It can be long or short. Funny or deep.    

And each month there will be new card designs with authentic Haitian artwork automatically delivered to you. (Don’t worry you can cancel anytime.)   

Greater Gratitude + Helping Others =  Authentic Happiness

Expressing that gratitude to others is one of the best things you can do for your own happiness too…and now you’ll feel even better because you know you’re having a significant impact 1 orphan in Haiti to stay in a foster family each and every month through our cause partner, Hope2Haiti.   

It’s just $25.00/per month – that’s less than a fancy cup of coffee each day for something that can do so much good for everybody.