A Different Kind of Giving This Holiday Season

Connect Deeper with Your Network, Save a Child’s Life, and Become A REAL Hero Where It Counts

It’s 2016. Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

A group of maverick entrepreneurs are helping to build an orphanage in partnership with the Hope To Haiti charity.

A devastating earthquake has recently hit the city… There is pain, hungry families, homeless children… and a sense of hopelessness..

Amid all the carnage and chaos, there is something amazing happening though…

Real children playing and enjoying the moment.

They’re drawing pretty pictures, with chalk, crayons, & finger paint.

And they’re laughing joyfully and saying “Mezi!” (Thank you.)

Their innocence and optimism through it all tugs hard on our heartstrings.

As they draw, color, and even playfully fling a little paint onto a wall mural, we can’t help but appreciate and admire their resilience.

Around the fire later, the conversation centered the joy they were experiencing through art and how we could make sure they never lost it. 

That night 10 Cards of Hope was born.

Turning Gratitude into REAL Impact

For over 2 years now, we have been sending out a subscription of Gratitude Cards showcasing art created by orphans in Haiti and showing people how a habit of gratitude can impact their life, their relationships, and their community.

For every card we sell, a $1 is sent to Hope to Haiti to help children in need.

In fact, our normal monthly membership of a 10 pack of cards, is enough to sponsor a child in a foster home in Haiti with food, water, shelter, clothing, and an education.

But there is an even bigger need right now…

Scott, the founder of Hope To Haiti, recently told us a wild story.

Their truck used to transport the children to and from school had been fire-bombed during an episode of local political upheaval.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Even crazier, he said many other kids with families who could afford the “taxi” were riding to school like this…


We knew we needed to find a way to get them a school bus.

The streets of Haiti are a dangerous place and we need to provide safety and security and make it easier on the staff in the Hope To Haiti villages to get the children their education.

Introducing our “Hope for the Holidays” Gratitude Pack

We built this pack to inspire you to practice gratitude and get Hope to Haiti that school bus.

And we only need to sell 300 189 packages to reach our goal!

This Gratitude Pack includes the simple system we’ve used to grow personally and professionally.

You get a 52-week gratitude journal that you can use to write down what you are most thankful for each day. Use it in the morning or at night before you go to bed for the best results.

Expressing gratitude ( and not just to our notebook) is even better. You’ll also get a 10 pack of our Gratitude Cards so you can select 2-3 people each week that have impacted your life and send them a unique and personalized “thank you”.

All with art created By A REAL Child, Who REALLY Needs Our Help.

Fill out a handful of these handwritten cards each week and you’ll feel a higher level of appreciation for all the things in your life (and get to connect deeper with those who mean the most to you!).

You’ll also get a sweet hat, t-shirt, and pen from Hope to Haiti to show your support (and remind you to write those Gratitude Cards).

And you can get the entire Hope for the Holidays Gratitude Pack for just $97.

Then, each month we’ll continue to send you a fresh new 10 pack of Gratitude Cards for just $29 so that you can continue to share your appreciation with the special people in your life while sponsoring a child!

You’ll love the impact you create in your own life and in a child’s.

A school bus now… and food, shelter, education, and more for one child every month.

Plus the change a gratitude practice can bring for you.

Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time for any reason by simply sending us a quick email.

Click below to start your gratitude habit and gift a child a life today.

BONUS: Instant Thank You Letters

As a bonus, you’ll also get access to Instant Thank You Letters.

These Thank You Letters, personally written by Yanik Silver, will help you if you ever have trouble writing your gratitude notes in the cards.

While we always believe its best to write from the heart, this contains 30 sample Thank You Letters that you can use for inspiration or for specific circumstances to help you get started.

We want to give you everything you might need to build a habit of gratitude, because we know the power that it can have in your life.

So click below right now and join our mission of gratitude and hope!

Already a 10 Cards member?

No worries… you can still make a positive impact by grabbing this pack and it will not affect your current membership.

Remember, in your Gratitude Pack, you’ll get:

  • A custom printed 10 Cards of Hope 52 Week Gratitude Journal
  • A 10 pack of Gratitude Cards Created By The Haitian Orphans You’ll Be Sponsoring
  • A Hope to Haiti T-shirt (simply enter your size at checkout)
  • A high quality Hope to Haiti baseball cap
  • A Hope to Haiti special commemorative pen
Plus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hope to Haiti to buy that bus!

When was the Last Time You Received a Hand-written Note From A Vendor, Partner, Or Client?

In today’s digitally wired society, there’s a serious lack of what passes for meaningful communication.

A Facebook message, text or email doesn’t cut it.

You know it, and I know it.

None of those actually create a connection, with intention…

That gives you an advantage if you’re willing to stand out. A real handwritten note is one of those little things that makes a big difference for a key client, business connection, colleague or even a dear friend.

Study After Study Confirms It, Handwritten Notes WORK When It Comes To Building & Maintaining Business & Personal Relationships That Matter.

Add a Powerful Human Touch to Your Relationships

We’ve found that the greater the “human” component is in a relationship, the stronger the relationship becomes.

Now, it’s unrealistic to spend too much “facetime” with clients, team members, and partners during a busy work week… but delivering a handwritten and heartfelt appreciation note has the very same effect!

Take the time to write out what you appreciate about someone else and then watch as a “gratitude domino effect” gets triggered… leading to more meaningful partnerships, better client acquisition and retention rates, and happier team members.

Also, the human eye is naturally drawn to handwritten letters over “typed” ones, so your personalized messages can really make a big impression!

Build a Profitable Habit of Gratitude

This is NOT just about sending a few thank you notes. You’ll be creating a valuable habit that can actually help you capitalize on a sustained mood of gratitude as you grow throughout the next year.

You’ll be able to use these Gratitude Cards to connect deeper with yourself everyday.

You’ll discover what you really want and appreciate in your life… And be able to go after more of it.

The very act of gratitude is what attracts people and your desires to you.

These cards make your practice of gratitude even more special and full of impact.

Our belief has always been that actually expressing gratitude is the key to increased happiness, success, and connection. But you get the biggest benefits when you make it a regular part of your life. The Hope For The Holidays Gratitude Pack can help you do that. Join us today and help:
  1. Buy these children a much-needed school bus,
  2. Support a child, and
  3. Grow your gratitude practice.

Final thought…

It seems you’re standing at a “crossroads” right now…

Turn left, and nothing happens.

Not a thing.

Your level of appreciation and gratitude stays the same. Neither good nor bad depending on your rituals.

You won’t be any more grateful this holiday season, and you likely won’t share more gratitude with anyone else.

In fact, research suggests that you may even become less grateful, since this is the trend facing most individuals as they age.

Just keeping it real…

I have a hunch that you’re a different sort of a person than that…

You care enough about changing the lives of friends and family, changing the lives Haitian orphans ready for a second chance, and above all else, you’re open to a proven practice to grow your gratitude…

If you’re anything like us… you’ll choose REAL CHANGE here.

In Other Words, The Right turn.

It’s a few bucks out of your pocket now and you actually have the game plan to transform lives.

Literally, you get changed lives for less than the cost of a decent holiday dinner.

Think about that.

Oh, Yeah, and you get some pretty awesome swag too!

From where we stand It’s kind of a no brainer, which is the intention…

You know what to do…

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